Girl + Bike + Sunset
#denmark #københavn #kbh #copenhagen #cph #streetphotography #travel #peoplewatching #streetphotography #sunset #girlonbike #girl #bike #lensflare #happy #smile


Girl + Bike + Sunset

#denmark #københavn #kbh #copenhagen #cph #streetphotography #travel #peoplewatching #streetphotography #sunset #girlonbike #girl #bike #lensflare #happy #smile



26.07.2014 Hakone

Today we made a trip to Hakone. I wanted to visit this place for a very long time already. We woke up early to get ready and our train to Hakone-Yumoto. There we changed the train to get up to Gora Station where we took a short break.

Next was the cable car to Sounzan where we changed to the ropeway up to Owakudani and down again to Lake Ashi. While on the ropeway one of the passengers pointed behind us and said very excited: 

“Fuji-san, Fuji-san!!!”

So we turned around and there he was, Mt. Fuji. The first time I’ve seen that mountain and maybe the last time for this trip. After we arrived at Lake Ashi we went to a restaurant for lunch and after that nice break we headed to the sightseeing cruise over the lake. Normally we could have seen Fuji-san again, but some fog was coming down the mountains and we couldn’t see a lot.

We left the ship at Hakonemachi-ko and walked the ancient cedar avenue to Motohakone-ko. When we arrived the fog got even thicker, but we still could see the red Tori of the 箱根神社 (Hakone Shrine). Of course we visited the shrine and went down to the Tori which is inside the lake.

On our walk back to Motohakone-ko we decided to drive back to Hakone-Yumoto a bit earlier, since the weather got worse. You couldn’t see much anyway.

We got on the bus and 30 minutes later we arrove at the station and the weather was good again. We stayed there until our train back to Shinjuku came.

Today’s calendar:
Weather: Hot and humid. Later: windy, misty and cloudy
Distance: Hakone

Positive: Being able to see Mt. Fuji
Negative: nothing

by Bettina

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